Abe Seimei


Seimei old

Affiliation: House of Abe
Occupation: Onmyouji


The greatest Onmyouji in in the history of Japan, Abe no Seimei is the grandfather of Masahiro. He has Twelve shikigami under his command and is able to transfer his soul (which is in his younger form) outside of his old aged body, but this makes his body vulnerable.

Personality Edit

He is a wise and powerful man who holds great influence in his community. He is generally happy and believes that nothing happens by accident. He constantly needles his grandson, Masahiro, into doing certain tasks. Despite knowing how angry and irritated he makes Masahiro, Seimei never feels remorseful about it because he thinks that his good intentions make up for it.

Relationships Edit

Abe no Masahiro
Seimei frequently needles Masahiro into making him determined to do his best with his tasks, even if it’s only just to prove himself to his grandfather. Seimei deeply cares about his grandson although he rarely shows it to Masahiro himself, earning him some ill will from Masahiro. A possible reason why he distances himself somewhat from Masahiro is because he knows that someday he will die.

Trivia Edit

  • It is rumored that Seimei’s mother was not human but a powerful fox spirit, which could explain why he is so powerful.
  • The character is loosely based on a real person by the same name.