Fujiwara Keiko

Affiliation: House of Fujiwara

Keiko is Akiko's cousin. She was once engaged to a man she was about to marry but the man bewed another woman instead. What angered her was the fact that the woman he married was from a higher noble family and had begged the man to marry her.

Heartbroken, Kyūki uses that to his advantage to possess her with the promise that if she helps him, he will curse the wife of his beloved’s face that will force him to leave her and to be with Keiko again.

While the possessing made her sick and bedridden, she was able to leave her home using her cursed spirit to travel. She helped Kyūki by sealing the dragon goddess of Kifune Mountain so his army could hide the mountain.

She was willing to do anything to be with the man she loved, even killing anyone who gets in her way and sacrificing her cousin Akiko.

Seimei finally exorcised her possessed spirit and she wakes up in her home not remembering what had happened.